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What is Holistic Dentistry?

Holistic dentistry is the practice of treating the underlying problems that cause symptoms in the mouth, attempting to eliminate those problems (and, hence, preventing the symptoms from reoccurring) while attempting to make sure  the work done in the mouth does not have an adverse affect on your overall health.

At Dr. Pfost's office we bridge the gap between modern dental technology and ageless traditions of natural healing. 

Mercury Free Dentistry

In 1985 Dr. Pfost stopped placing mercury-silver fillings and in 1985 this was very against what was being done at the time.  This decision was not made lightly, but in fact was made because of 2 patients that Dr. Pfost had treated.  They came to him because he had been trained in hypnosis and their allergies were so severe that they couldn't use any anesthetic.  After watching their progression from visit to visit, we really felt that we wouldn't want any mercury-silver fillings placed in any of our family's mouths and therefore, we didn't want to place them in our patients either.  We first started by using bonded composite filling materials and as technology has progressed, we have adopted more ceramic-based materials for crowns and certain bridges.

As we have become aware of the makeup of mercury-silver fillings and the effects of their long term use, we have researched methods to remove and replace them safely.                                                                                                                      The Choice is Simple

View "The Smoking Tooth" on You Tube for more information concerning amalgam fillings.

We are able to treat cavities while still small using early detection and minimally invasive techniques in order to preserve more healthy tooth and avoid weakening teeth that need restoration.

Treating existing large restorations that have outlived their useful lives is another area of interest in our office.  We have systems to preserve more of the existing tooth structure and in many cases, removing the need for full crowns.