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One of the consequences of mixing cultures in marriage is crooked teeth.  You may have had a tall hefty father and a short petite mother and they both had straight teeth.  You inherited your mother's small jaw and your father's large teeth.

Here comes dentistry to the rescue with a way to straighten the crowded teeth in the little jaws.

As a general dentist doing orthodontics we have some great alternatives to the use of conventioal braces in the form of functional appliances that guide the teeth with the help of chewing muscles.  After achieving the bite relationship we then use regular brackets and wire for a very short time in finishing the tooth alignment.

The goal of our system is a beautiful smile and healthy joints, easy to clean teeth and a lifetime of good chewing.

A recent addition to our office is the Damon Bracket System that does away with the elastics that hold the wires in place.  The removal of the rubber elastics allows the straightening wire to move freely and greatly reduces the pain from excessive pressure during active tooth movement.  It is a fulfillment of our quest to use light forces throughout the mouth during the straightening process.  The replacement of the elastics is also more sanitary and easier to clean.

Remember us as you consider the alternatives in orthodontic care.