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Do you realize that 80% of adults have gum infection?  Are you one of the 20% with healthy gums?

Our gums do a thankless job day and night supporting the teeth and blocking the path that bacteria use to infect the mouth.

Our only maintenance involves cleaning them on a daily basis and eating the foods that allow them to repair and replace themselves.

The best care involves regular dental checkups to alert us about problems in time to correct any injury or disease.  Many times I have heard patients say they don't ever have cavities so they stop having checkups, not realizing that gum infections don't hurt until it is too late.  More adults lose their teeth from gum disease than from cavities.

A modern dental checkup and tooth cleaning comes with a detailed assessment of the gums.  We offer training on how to care for your gums as we feel that the health of your gums affects the health of your entire body.

Everyone has aerobic (healthy) bacteria that form a layer on our teeth that we call DENTAL PLAQUE.  This layer closes the edge of the gum and does not allow air into the small recesses around the gum line of the tooth.  This provides a place for the spores of non air breathing (unhealthy) bacteria a place to grow and the toxins from them irritate and inflame the gum tissue.  White blood cells rush in to kill the invaders as soon as there is penetration of the skin.

The body does this defense for us without any fuss, it is automatic.  Now depending on the severity of the infection and the vigor of the defense the battle in this microscopic corner can go on for a long time or get better or get worse.  We can show you how to help your gums stay healthy.

Call soon for a dental checkup to avoid Gum Infections.